Registration is now open for April 2018 course offerings. Full descriptions are available below.

Tuesday, April 17

Misunderstood Monsters
10 AM to 12 PM. Ages 6-8.
Boo! There’s a monster under your bed! Do you immediately run away, or do you invite them to a midnight ice cream party? In this workshop, Madie and Kristin (826 Boston Monster Public Relations Interns) will help you create your new best monster friend.

The Audacity of Poetry
1 PM to 3 PM. Ages 12-14.
Who does poetry think it is anyway? Seriously, where does poetry get the idea that it can explain such wonders in this world… Life? Love? Tragedy? Well, that’s where you, the poet, come in. Join published, Boston-based poet Harry Harding to create poetry that explains all the wonders of your world.

Wednesday, April 18

Yoga & Journaling: The Art of Letting Go
10 AM to 12 PM. Ages 6-8.
Downward-facing dog! Tree pose! Frog squat! Not familiar with these yoga poses? No sweat! Join 826 Boston Commonwealth Corps Program Associate Christina Amen to will get your body moving and your thoughts swirling as we connect movement and journaling.

Create Your Own Comic Book Hero
1 PM to 3 PM. Ages 9-11. KAPOW! ZAP! Ever wish that your life was as exciting as a comic book? Create your own unique comic book featuring a hero based on all the things that make YOU great! This lesson will be taught by Arielle Gray, a Boston-born graphic artist and writer whose work focuses on representation and identity.

Thursday, April 19

Brave New Worlds
10 AM to 12 PM. Ages 12-14.
Ever read science fiction about a dystopian society that feels…a little too familiar? Noticed something in Black Panther that made you think about your own life? 826 Boston interns Ari & Abbrianna will help you make sense of the world by creating your own fantastical, familiar, and flawed worlds.

The Five Senses
1 PM to 3 PM. Ages 9-11.
How do your feet smell after a Boston summer day in sock-less shoes? How much better does an ice cream truck treat taste when you ran for it? Sam Casseus, Boston poet and organizer, will guide you through a sensory workshop to find the sensational details of what you taste, hear, see, touch, and smell every day.

Friday, April 20

The Bigfoot Files
10 AM to 12 PM. Ages 6-8.
Bigfoot! Chupacabra! The Jamaica Pond Pinelurker! Cryptids are animals that may or may not exist, but we choose to believe that they do. Create your very own cryptid profile with amater cryptozoologist Cate Gallivan.

FULL DAY: Field trip to the Franklin Park Zoo
We Made A Zoo!
9 AM to 5 PM. Ages 9-11.
In this full-day workshop, we’ll take an adventure through the Franklin Park Zoo and let our imaginations run wild. We’ll use the inspiration from the animals we meet to create our own zany zoo animal creations!

Registration is now open for April 2018 course offerings. Questions? Call 617.442.5400 or email Christina.

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