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The #826Challenge

Balance a few books for fun(ds)

The Half Half Half Half Half Marathon is postponed until September, but mark your calendars for a new training challenge.

  • Our goal? To raise $15,000 by April 16 (that’s halfway to our goal and halfway to our new race day in September!). 
  • What is the new #826Challenge? 8 seconds, 2 books, 6 friends. Grab two books. Balance them on your head for 8 seconds.
  • Take a video or photo to share on social media. Tag six friends and ask them to join you in the challenge and/or donate to 826 Boston today.

Thank you for joining the #826Challenge! Remember to tag @826Boston for your videos to be reshared on April 16. 


  • Where do I post my video? Share your video (or photo) on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter and don’t forget to tag @826Boston so we can reshare your video on April 16.
  • Is there a way to make it a bit easier to donate? Check out these tips for stories and posts on Instagram and Facebook.
    Instagram Story

    1. Create a story.
    2. Click the square smiley box in the center top.
    3. Click the “Donation” tool and search for “826 Boston”
    4. Feel free to adjust the boxes size and positioning using two fingers to anywhere in your story.
    5. Finish posting your story – and that’s it (and don’t forget to tag @826Boston)!
    Facebook Post
    1. Create a Facebook post as you normally would (upload the video, add your text, tag the people you want—and @826boston).
    2. Below the written post, click on the grey circle with three white dots inside. Scroll down the options and look for “Support Nonprofit.”
    3. Search for “826 Boston” and select it.
    4. Go ahead and post your video. You’ll now be fundraising to support 826 Boston!
  • How can I share this challenge with my friends? Aside from tagging them in your social media post, you can create a team, set a fundraising goal and invite your friends to join!
  • What if I already purchased a ticket for the original April 16 race? If you already registered and purchased a ticket for the Half Half Half Half Half Marathon, we will still honor your registration at our postponed date in September.
  • When is the Half Half Half Half Half Marathon on the Boston Common being rescheduled for? The 0.826-mile event will be rescheduled for September 2020. Keep checking our website and social media for updates.
  • Can I purchase a ticket for the rescheduled September race? Yes! Register your team or purchase your ticket here.

Is 826 Boston open? What are 826 Boston students up to? We are keeping everyone updated on our website. Information on programs, events, and needs will be updated as new information becomes available.


Event Details

The #826Challenge

April 16, 2020

All day

Physically distant, socially close

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