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Black Power Month Reading List

February 10, 2021

Dear 826 Boston community,

February 1st began the month-long celebration and recognition of Black peoples’ history in this country and beyond. Throughout the decades, Black people have suffered at the hands of oppressors and despite it being 2021, there is still no justice.

As we attempt to eradicate our contribution to these oppressive systems in our professional world, it is important to also increase our knowledge and support for the Black community through resources, such as books, podcasts, films, and tv shows. These texts illuminate the powerful roles Black people have held throughout this oppressive history, as well as celebrate Black joy. We hope you’re staying well, and that these “readings” will increase your knowledge and encourage your own anti-racist work within and beyond Black History Month.


The 826 Boston Cultural and Community Learning Committee — Patti, Charlene, Genie, Catherine, Miranda, Kristin

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