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February Workshops, Featuring Fantastic Beasts, Jolly Ranchers, and College Preparation

March 1, 2017


“Close your eyes and visualize what your fantastic beast looks and sounds like…”

During February break, students gathered at our Bigfoot Research Institute to participate in workshops in fiction, poetry, and personal narrative. From describing the fantastic beasts and fantasy lands of their imaginations, to seeing just how many of the five senses they could include in their poetry, to working on crafting a college essay with persuasive grace, students spent their school vacation hard at work on a range of writing projects.

It wasn’t all serious and quiet, though: one workshop featured robots that emitted a variety of sounds and flashed lights around the room, and another saw students parading around the room in an imitation of their invented creatures. Writing became both an introspective and an interactive process, as students reflected on the challenges and successes of their own lives, cut out and rearranged existing text to express their own ideas, and sampled jolly ranchers in order to determine the best way to describe them (“JJJOOOOSSSSYYY,” according to one author).

The week was a success, showcasing the diverse and powerful voices of our writers as well as their creative imaginations. We can’t wait for the next set of workshops in April!

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