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The Best Boston Book You’ll Buy This Year

August 7, 2012

A Place For Me In The World recently garnered praise in The Boston Globe, which called it a “magnificent book” and “a triumph of middle school education.” Furthermore, Boston Magazine dubs the collection, “the best Boston book you’ll buy this year.” We couldn’t agree more.

Here’s the Boston Globe‘s¬†opening salvo:

“On Monday night, middle school students at the Mission Hill School in Roxbury signed copies and read excerpts from their recently published work, A Place for Me in the World: People Talk About the Work They Love. The narrated accounts and question-and-answer sessions draw on the experiences of 45 mostly local workers. It’s a nice mix that includes a ventriloquist who throws his voice into a jar, a veterinary surgeon who specializes in large animals, and a philosophical benefits coordinator at the MBTA.”

Read the whole article on Boston.com.

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