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Tooth, Claw, Grit, Bolts of Energy: After-School Students on Magic

June 14, 2017


“There is a hole in the trunk of a tree. Whenever you want to go somewhere long, long ago or far, far away from your home, you look for a sparkle in the hole in that tree, you climb in, and you’re at the place you want to be,” begins six-year-old Basil’s story, “Peter, Who Went on the Best Adventure Ever.” Basil’s story is one of many in the newest publication from our after-school program, Tooth, Claw, Grit, and Bolts of Energy. On June 8, we celebrated the release of this collection of magic-themed stories and poems with a party that included a potluck dinner, readings of student work, and the Tandy Awards ceremony.

Students and their families were treated to three examples of work from the book—including a masterfully performed rap. Tandy Awards were given out in nine different categories, including Most Righteous Magic, Strangest Magical Creature, and Best Twist Ending. The winning students were presented with handmade wands and gave speeches to accept their awards.

The Egleston after-school program has ended for the year, but you can still read these imaginative and whimsical stories. Get your copy of Book 1 (for magicians and magic lovers ages six and up) and Book 2 (for magicians and magic lovers ages 12 and up) and discover what magical adventures await!

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