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Friday, December 6

When Home Won’t Let You Stay

Recently, over 100 students from Boston International Newcomers Academy’s (BINcA) senior, junior and “newcomer” grade levels visited the Institute of Contemporary Art (ICA) in Boston. Their field [...]

Photo credit: A Priori Photography

Wednesday, December 4

A record-breaking Books for Breakfast

All sorts of records were broken at this year’s Books for Breakfast—Boston recorded the coldest high temperature ever for November 13 and the annual event brought in more support than ever [...]

Monday, November 18

Questions with Karen

"I once had a job for three days that at one point found me firing confetti cannons off a seventh story catwalk on a building right outside of Times Square"

Tuesday, October 29

Those all-important 650 Words

This time of year you can expect a good fright, but one daunting deadline has some high school seniors feeling extra spooked: college essays. But this past weekend, 826 Boston was ready to calm [...]

Wednesday, October 23

Include Someone, Make a Difference

Say hi. Make rules. Play games that everyone can play. In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, 826 chapters across the country have been sharing ideas and writing stories about ways to [...]

Photo by Kyle Davi

Monday, October 21

Bigfoot seen at the Boston Book Festival

826 Boston has been out and about in the City of Boston this October.

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