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Thursday, June 13

What If The World Needs You? (with photos!)

“We know life is hard, and sometimes you need advice. We also know that no matter how hard life gets, it gets better and you can’t ever give up. You […]

Friday, May 31

Social Justice Scholarship Winners 2024

We are thrilled to announce that 27 high school seniors in Boston were named this year’s winners of the Social Justice Scholarship—a scholarship awarded in collaboration with 826 Boston and […]

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Friday, May 24

826 Boston and the Big Book of IFs (with photos!)

Paramount Pictures’ latest film, IF, is bringing the joy and love of imagination to life… and they’ve invited students from across the 826 Network to join in! If you haven’t […]

Tuesday, May 7

You’re invited: Author Talk with Neema Avashia

After our last exciting event with author Keith Boykin, 826 Boston is thrilled to invite you to our next author chat with award-winning writer and Boston-based educator Neema Avashia! Join […]

Monday, April 29

0.826 miles of literary legwork (Photos)

Gray skies? Gloomy weather? Apparently these were not a problem for all the runners and supporters who showed up at Jamaica Pond for the 2024 Half Half Half Half Half […]

Monday, April 22

2024 Volunteer Superstars

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate and acknowledge the incredible efforts of 826 Boston’s volunteers—during National Volunteer Week, no less! These volunteers have tutored students, [...]

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