Deion Hawkins

Deion S. Hawkins, Ph.D., is a staunch advocate for equity, liberation, and social justice issues. With over 10+ years of teaching experience and research centered around Critical Race Theory (CRT), Dr. Hawkins has always believed in validating students and creating a brave space where empathy, accountability, and student growth are paramount. Deion fell in love with writing and storytelling through speech and debate, an activity he continues to dedicate time to. In addition to his work at 826 Boston, Deion is a professional mediator, advocacy professor, and debate coach at Emerson College. Deion’s commitment to the community remains unwavering. For example, he proudly serves on the Board of Directors for Boston Healthcare For The Homeless Program. He also engages in mentorship via Black, Gifted & Whole, an organization dedicated to ensuring Black queer men thrive in college. His writing has been featured in Salon, Yahoo, Fortune, HowStuffWorks, and The Reckoning.