Lindsay Gavin

Lindsay grew up in Baltimore and took an interest in serving her community in the wake of an increase in police violence and mayoral corruption in the city. These events served as a catalyst for her to be involved with youth issues, volunteering, and politics. As Lindsay grew more in her advocacy, she decided to leave Baltimore and moved to Boston in 2017 to attend Suffolk University. There, she spent the next 5 years completing both her B.S. in Political Science with a concentration in American Politics and a minor in Journalism, and her Master of Arts in Applied Politics, graduating with both degrees in May 2022. In the 2021-2022 school year, Lindsay served as the Volunteer Program Fellow at Suffolk’s Center for Community Engagement, connecting with hundreds of students and working with over 30 partners in the Boston area, one of which being 826 Boston! Now officially a Boston resident, Lindsay still keeps those issues in Baltimore close to her and uses them as a grounding force to continue her advocacy. During this year of AmeriCorps service she hopes to bring her years of experience to a community she now calls home.