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The Ultimate 826 Boston Holiday Gift Guide: 2022 edition

December 13, 2022

Still wondering what to gift your friends and family for the holiday season? At 826 Boston, we have a few ideas!

The gift of reading: The students at 826 Boston published creative, inspiring, and jaw-dropping books this year. These make the perfect gift for readers, writers, community supporters, or (if we’re honest) anyone. Here’s a list to get you started:

The gift of writing: Have you heard of our Student Writing Delivery Service? If you become a monthly donor, you can dedicate your donation to a special person in your life, and we’ll email that person (and you!) a piece of original student writing every month for a year!

🎁 Join the Student Writing Delivery Service 🎁

The gift of warm beverages: Here’s the perfect mug for your coffee, tea, cider, hot chocolate, or *insert hot beverage of your choice.* This cork-bottomed mug is an homage to our annual Books for Breakfast fundraiser and is definitely a crowd favorite.

🎁 Purchase an “I Eat Books For Breakfast” mug 🎁

The gift of t-shirts: Bigfoot on a t-shirt. Do we need to say more?

🎁 Purchase a Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute t-shirt 🎁

The gift of honoring a loved one: When you make a gift to 826 Boston, you help to provide opportunities for students to write about their hopes, reflections, and dreams. Dedicate your gift to a special someone in your life and let them know that you’ve made a meaningful gift in their honor.

🎁 Dedicate a gift 🎁

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