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2024 Volunteer Superstars

April 22, 2024

It’s that time of year again when we celebrate and acknowledge the incredible efforts of 826 Boston’s volunteers—during National Volunteer Week, no less! These volunteers have tutored students, helped at events, and gone above and beyond to support 826 Boston’s mission of making sure that students know that their stories—and their voices— matter.
To all the 826 Boston volunteers, thank you for everything that you do! We are so grateful to you
We’re thrilled to highlight and celebrate the following volunteers and partners who have dedicated their time and energy to amplify student voices across Boston.

Community volunteer who logged in the most hours: Danielle Amegashie

Danielle has volunteered an astounding 125 hours this school year! Even more remarkable — she served 119 of those hours just since Janaury. She has volunteered with 826 Boston since 2016 and has been a beacon of light, especially in the After-School Writing and Tutoring program.

Logo of Northeastern University on the left.

Most active university partner: Northeastern University

We also celebrate our partnership with Northeastern University, our most active university partner. Within the last school year, 88 Northeastern students have volunteered their time with various 826 Boston programs. Of those 88 students, 50 were part of Northeastern’s Service Learners, six were part of the Northeastern Alliance of Civically Engaged Students, 29 were part of their Community Volunteers Program, and three were from Alpha Theta Eta. Needless to say, the impact these 88 students have had in our community is deep and lasting.

Headshot of 826 Boston volunteer Edward Shin.

Volunteer who visited the most sites: Edward Shin

Edward Shin stands out as a volunteer whose dedication and versatility have truly made a difference. As a Service Learner through Northeastern University’s PULSE Program, Edward has dedicated his time to various initiatives across multiple sites, making a tangible impact on many students’ educational journeys. He has supported the programs at Margarita Muñiz Academy and Edward M. Kennedy School for Health Careers, the Writers’ Room at Boston International Newcomers Academy, and the College Essay Boot Camp hosted at Northeastern University. What’s even more impressive is that Edward had a 100% completion rate! This means that he never canceled a shift and was never a no-show. Now that’s dedication!

Logo of Houghton Mifflin HArcourt

Most active corporate partner: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

We’re excited to celebrate Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH), our most active corporate partner. With several employees volunteering their time with 826 Boston programs this school year, HMH has demonstrated remarkable dedication to giving back and making a difference in the lives of young writers. Since first partnering with us in 2009, their support has been invaluable, enriching the experiences of countless students and volunteers alike.

Headshot of 826 Boston volunteer Annabelle Langford.

Service Learner who logged the most hours: Annabelle Langford

Lastly, we celebrate Annabelle Langford, whose dedication knows no bounds. As a participant in the PULSE Program at Boston College, Annabelle has volunteered an impressive 121.5 hours, making a significant impact on our community. Impressively, nearly 60 of those hours have been logged in 2024, and 62 of those hours were logged in just three months! Annabelle has been volunteering at the After-School Writing and Tutoring program since September 2023.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all our volunteers, partners, and supporters. Your dedication and passion are the driving force behind our mission, and together, we are excited to support Boston students as they thrive in and outside the classroom. Thank you for your unwavering support!

Interested in joining the incredible 826 Boston volunteer team? We have many individual and group volunteering opportunities coming up! Visit 826boston.org/volunteer to learn more and sign up!

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