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826 Boston’s after-school tutoring could help declining test scores

October 28, 2022

A student with long hair and a colorful sweatshirt faces a tutor with short brown hair and a mask.

As student test scores drop across the state, a “high-dosage tutoring” model—like the after-school tutoring program at 826 Boston—might be a promising and effective solution, according to a recent Boston Globe article.

New data from the National Assessment of Educational Progress indicates that testing scores across Massachusetts have declined significantly due to the pandemic.

“The data, made public Monday, add to the accumulating evidence that the pandemic and associated school closures exacted a steep toll on the nation’s students,” reads the article. “The latest scores also show that the starkest declines in student achievement in Massachusetts and elsewhere occurred among students with disadvantages.”

However, studies suggest that “high-dosage tutoring” might be the key to improving test scores and providing the support students need.

“While there is no easy answer for combating learning loss, researchers have touted “high-dosage tutoring” — one-on-one or small-group instruction multiple times per week for at least half an hour — as a leading strategy,” the article notes.

The Globe visited 826 Boston’s after-school writing and tutoring program to see first-hand how our free tutoring services help students. The program prioritizes individual support for students to complete homework, practice sustained reading, and tackle creative writing projects.

The article also spotlights a tutoring student’s experience with the program.

Read the full Boston Globe article here.

Image credit: Jim Davis, the Globe staff


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