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A Generation That Can

November 4, 2020

“Contrary to what you might read or hear, our generation is not just full of self-centered, oblivious, good-for-nothing kids. We want to show that we are aware of the social problems affecting our communities and that we yearn for imminent change to happen.”

– From Student Editorial Board Letter, My Generation Can: Public Narratives for Community Change

Dear 826 Boston Community,

As student editorial board members Ysatti, Christofer, Laisha, and Maria remind us, their ideas and perspectives can be catalysts for change. It is our role at 826 Boston to amplify students’ stories in support of a new vision for the future.

Few 826 Boston students can vote, but all young people deserve to have their voices heard. We stand committed to providing students with safe spaces where they can express their hopes and fears, and to empowering them to speak out about the issues that matter to them.

We applaud and celebrate each and every young person who voted in the election and who impressed the nation with their resolve to be counted. We see you, we hear you, and we stand with you.

As we learn more about where the election will take us as a country, our team will be committed to providing students with the care and resources that they need to process their feelings, to advocate for themselves, and to continue to make their voices heard.

Thank you for joining us in support of 826 Boston students, and the power of their words to light the way.


Jessica Drench
826 Boston Executive Director

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