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Abominable Snowkitten Stars in Collaborative Story WriteSomething

December 11, 2015

At 826 Boston, we’re always exploring new ways tell our stories. Thanks to the wiz kids at Berman Advertising, we’re pleased to spotlight WriteSomething, a collaborative, open-source storytelling format, where people from all over the world join together to create one single story, all in support of 826 Boston.

Our community-written story this year is titled The Abominable Snowkitten. It charmingly begins:

Harold’s least favorite part of living in the Himalayas was the weather: never-ending flurries and blizzards. Yuck. The hailstorms were the scariest. Big chunks of ice slamming into the ground at high speed–and Harold, for as mean and mighty as he felt on the inside, was just a tiny snowkitten on the outside.”


It’s free, it’s experimental, and it shows love for 826 Boston. Visit WriteSomething.org, and become a part of the story. And thanks, again, to Berman Advertising for dreaming up this spirited collaboration!

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