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Time Travel Writers from the After-School Program

February 11, 2016

(c) Leise Jones Photography 2016

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Photo: Leise Jones Photography.

Is there anything better than a handwritten acceptance speech for a time-travel writing award? We really hope that the parents of the amazing authors at our most recent book release party hold onto those speeches, because these kids are going places.

Among the places: other time dimensions. The theme of this year’s after-school program book was time travel. Students worked diligently in their after-school sessions at 826 Boston’s after-school writing and tutoring programs in Egleston Square and Grove Hall. In addition to homework help and boosting the writing skills of our students, participants get the unbeatable hands-on experience of creating a book—and the pride of authorship that comes with sharing that book with others. Here’s one juicy excerpt from the book, All This Ticking.

“Once upon a time, but also just minutes ago.... Oh, I forgot to introduce myself. I am Jhordan Herbert-­Mathias. I traveled back in time 3,000 years ago to Egypt, when pharaohs were around. When I got there with a time travel portal, I saw a big pyramid. My brother, my mom, my dad, and my cat Niko were also there.”
 —Jhordan Herbert­-Mathias, 8-year old Grove Hall after-school student
Thanks to Wellington Management Foundation, the Ramsey McCluskey Foundation, the Schrafft Charitable Trust, and the Llewellyn Foundation, along with many generous individual donors, for making this free after-school program available to these time-travelers.

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