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Help 826 Boston Unlock the Power of Student Stories

December 16, 2015

We’re in the business of empowering students by helping them to tell their amazing, inspiring stories. But we can’t do it alone. We ask you to kindly consider making a donation to 826 Boston today to help us continue raising a community of writers. Our goal is to raise $80,000 by December 31st, and we need your help to get there.

Here at 826 Boston, we talk a lot about writing. We understand that developing good writing skills is critical for our students to succeed in school and beyond. We understand that finding one’s voice and publishing one’s story is powerful. And we know that tapping our students’ creativity can unlock so much.

Take Salman, for example, a student who fled Iraq prior to the U.S. invasion. He’s pictured below holding his grandmother’s silver spoon, which is the object he chose to write about for 826 Boston’s publication I Want You to Have This: Objects and Their Stories from Around the World. It was only when writing his essay with 826 Boston volunteer tutors that he first shared his story. In Spoon, Salman writes of being kidnapped and held for weeks away from his family, before being reunited.
Donor Graphic-07 (1)

This year we will work with more than 3,500 Boston students like Salman to help them share their stories. Because we offer all of our programs free of charge, your support is essential to our success!

Donate today and join us as we raise writers across Boston!

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