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June 17, 2020

Here at 826 Boston, we’re re-examining how to better serve and support our team and our community, and how to deepen our anti-racism work.

In that spirit, 826 Boston will now honor Juneteenth as an official organizational holiday. Juneteenth will be a day of celebration, education, and action for our staff and service members this year and every year moving forward.

This effort is being led by 826 Boston team member Rashawnda Williams. Rashawnda, the Writers’ Room Coordinator at the Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester, is an educator, poet, and writer, and she believes that wisdom can be found through other people’s stories. Read more about Juneteenth and find ways to take action in this article written by Rashawnda  for the 826 Boston team and the larger community.

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