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A very warm 826 Boston welcome for Corey

July 20, 2023

826 Boston Executive Director Corey Yarbrough stands and smiles with Board Member Jill Harrison Berg.

826 Boston Executive Director Corey Yarbrough with Board Member Jill Harrison Berg. Photo: Mike Mejia

We’ve got some exciting news to share: Corey Yarbrough will be 826 Boston’s new Executive Director, starting July 24.

Corey brings a wealth of experience to the team, most recently serving as the Assistant Principal at Brooke High School. He previously served as the Founding Director of Operations at the Brooke High School and Brooke’s 8th Grade Academy. He was also the Founder and Executive Director of the Hispanic Black Gay Coalition and is an alum of James Madison University.

Corey can’t wait to meet 826 Boston’s amazing community of supporters (he’s already been busy meeting students, volunteers, and members of our team), and he recently took time to answer some questions from students in the Writers’ Room at Boston International Newcomers Academy to share a little bit more about himself. We’ll be finding time for him to meet all of you, but in the meantime, feel free to send him a warm welcome.

We can’t wait for all the writing and stories and adventures to come. Thank you—as always—for your support!


What made you decide to join 826 Boston? – From Fatoumata N.

826 Boston’s approach to empowering youth through writing reminded me of the role writing has had in my own life. Writing helped me find my voice and is an important tool I use to create positive change in the world. I’m excited to work with 826 Boston to continue closing literacy gaps so all youth can discover their power in writing and pursue their dreams. Ultimately, I believe the solution to many of the world’s problems exists in the mind of our youth, so it’s imperative we invest in their success.

Can you come to our school and meet with students? – From Quaidma T.
Of course! I am planning to visit every school that 826 Boston has a partnership with. I look forward to seeing all the programs in action. I especially will make time to speak with students about what they enjoy about 826 Boston and hear their ideas for what could make our programs even better. I am also interested in connecting with schools and students who are not involved with 826 Boston to see how we can introduce new people to our programs and support services.

College is expensive for students, and applying to college is a lot of work. What support can 826 Boston give to seniors who are graduating and going to college? – From Kim N.
As a first-gen college graduate, I remember how hard it was to apply and pay for college. 826 Boston offers support to seniors writing their college application essays. We also support seniors in researching and applying for scholarships, including our own annual Social Justice Scholarship. For FAFSA and college affordability help, we are able to refer students to local programs. I would love to hear any ideas you, or others, may have for how 826 Boston can make the process easier for you!

Have you worked with people of different nationalities before? – From Samantha C.
Yes. I have grown the most when I’ve had the opportunity to surround myself with people who identify differently than me. I’ve learned a lot about how other people experience the world, including the values and beliefs that guide them. Whenever I have to make tough decisions, I keep those experiences in mind or try to include their voices in some way. I look forward to continuing that work at 826 Boston and doing more to make our community as safe, diverse, and inclusive as possible.

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