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Poem In Your Pocket Day

April 30, 2020

826 Boston student Tariq performs his poetry at the Boston Public Library.

As National Poetry Month comes to a close, we’re excited to celebrate Poem In Your Pocket Day on Thursday, April 30. On this day, people across the country are encouraged to select a poem, carry it with them, and share it with others throughout the day. This is meant to remind everyone that the simple act of sharing a poem can bring surprise and joy to others.

This year, we’re excited to be partnering again with the Academy of American Poets (AAP) to share student-written poems from across the 826 network on poets.org. Don’t miss several poems by 826 Boston students, including this piece by Emiliana below:

I’m From Haiti by Emiliana

I’m from haiti, where the trees blow with the rhythm of the wind.

I’m from haiti, home of the mangos.

I’m from haiti, where coffee and bread is the top breakfast every morning. 

I’m from haiti, where earthquakes happen every here and there.

I’m from haiti, where my family is just naturally loud.

I’m from haiti, where you have to wake up every sunday to go to church. 

I’m from haiti, where casav and peanut butter is lunch.

I’m from haiti, where the smell of soup joumou or bouyon makes your mouth water.

I’m from haiti, where parties don’t end until 1 or 2 PM.

I’m from haiti, where any utensil that grandma finds you get hit with.

I’m from haiti, where everyone grew up in that big yellow house on Bradeen

I’m from haiti, where you could never say you’re hungry

I’m from haiti, where your every move is being recorded


This is where I’m from.

Don’t forget to find your poem, and share it with everyone you know. Happy Poem In Your Pocket Day!

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