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Stop Bullying: Speak Up

October 23, 2020

October is National Bullying Prevention Month, and we’ve been partnering with Cartoon Network and 826 National to foster a culture of inclusion in the classroom through writing.

For the last ten years, Cartoon Network’s award-winning campaign has reached millions of students across the country to raise awareness of the issue of bullying and ways to prevent it. At 826 Boston, we believe that inclusion and kindness shapes healthy communities; that’s why we’re so excited to collaborate with Cartoon Network’s Stop Bullying: Speak Up initiative to center students’ voices and perspectives as they write to foster inclusion.

Inclusion-themed writing helps students think critically about the many traits and differences that make us unique. Making space for discussions around empathy allows kids to express their feelings and insecurities. Often, the result reflects outwards, with students behaving in more compassionate ways.

Throughout the month, we’ve been inviting students to join the conversation with Write for Inclusion, a series of writing prompts, 826 Digital lessons, and a publishing kit designed to sharpen their social-emotional learning skills. Lessons and other resources for educators, parents, and students are being published weekly on 826 Digital! 

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