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Where 826 Boston Is From

January 9, 2020

This past December, we asked members of our 826 Boston community to share memories of the people, places, and moments that make them who they are. Here is our crowdsourced choral poem, written from a selection of the many colorful memories we received.


We’re from cotton candy sunsets.

We’re from dirt roads and sausage casseroles.

We’re from a hospital that closed in 1993.

We’re from fried plantains.

We’re from four seasons: crabapple, ice, leaf, and one we’d rather forget.

We’re from penny candy stores.

We’re from mom’s black coffee and dad’s overstuffed bookshelves.

We’re from Saturday morning cartoons and #4’s.

We’re from Woof Woof dog and Magic Troll.

We’re from grapefruit blossoms, crowded malls, and creosote bushes.

We’re from wooden spoons, secret passageways, and Z Cavariccis.

We’re from bread—anything with flour in it.

We’re from prickly pear summers and monsoon nights.

We’re from a community of storytellers.

We’re from 826 Boston.

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