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WORDPlay Summer Theater & Writing Camp in Full Swing

July 27, 2015


Over the course of five weeks in July and August, the middle school students in our Summer Theater and Writing Camp with the A.R.T. transform from shy, quiet campers into bona fide performers. Many of our students face significant language and learning barriers, so this transformation always proves incredibly inspiring to watch.

Take Sumaya, age 12, whose parents came to Boston from Somalia. Over the course of last year’s Summer Theater & Writing Camp, Sumaya transformed into a budding actor and playwright: “My family was excited and happy that I got to perform for them,” she said of her time on-stage at the Strand. “They said, ‘You’re going to be famous!'” You can watch a video about Sumaya’s experiences here.

This year’s campers are imagining a world run by animals, populated with everything from snooty anacondas to loud-mouth cats. Be sure to join us on Friday, August 14th for the final camp performance to see how these students shine on stage.

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