The Watch Went Beep Beep: Stories of Apocalypse and Survival

On a warm day in November, after the end of the world, there were no more teachers. They were running away from a hungry alligator. They tripped and fell and the alligator ate them all.

Even though there are no more teachers, I will do everything I’m supposed to do. The other kids are doing wrong things. They’re skipping straight to recess. They are playing tic- tac-toe in the park on a sunny day.

I am focused on imagining that the teacher is here. She is saying, “Do your homework. Go to lunch and go to recess. You can have 300 minutes of recess!” Even though I am only 7 years old, I become the new teacher. I tell everybody that they can play hopscotch and eat PB+J.

I am the teacher now. I give my students chocolate chip cookies and they turn into ninjas in ten seconds. I have a pink belt, but the ninjas wear black. I teach the ninjas karate and train them to save the world so that they can save people from bleeding.

The ninjas go at the speed of light to save my aunt Tina and put a Band-Aid on her leg after an alligator bites her. The students help me fight against the alligator.

It is raining so hard that the water fills up the ocean and comes into the city. The ninjas swim under the water because they see people trying to swim away from the gigantic waves. The ninjas take all of the people and bring them to a tall tower in the middle of Boston. All that the people can see from the top of the tower is lots and lots of water. The water in the city takes away the electric power, so the trains can’t run. The kids walk underwater to get to school . . . but some can’t swim.

To save the people, the ninjas have to drink all of the water from the city! They look like ninja balloons. The people are able to leave the tower because the ninjas saved them. They are safe and sound.


Illustration by Allison Bako.

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The Watch Went Beep Beep: Stories of Apocalypse and Survival

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