The following resources are reviewed in 826 Boston’s New Tutor Training.

Official 826 Boston Tutor Guide
A comprehensive collection of resources on teaching writing, conferencing with students, approaching trauma, and exploring diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Tutor Handbook and Writing Trail Guide
The basics for tutoring in any of our programs, including guiding questions to use with students during one-to-one and small group writing conferences.

Analytic Writing Continuum Rubric
A tool used in deciding which feedback to prioritize when conferencing with students about their writing.

826 National Volunteer Tip Sheet
A list of useful tips for volunteers developed by 826 National and distributed across all 826 chapters.

Writers’ Room Tutoring Models
A guide explaining the four main models of tutoring used during a Writers’ Room or In-School shift.

Tutor Tip Sheets are designed to help you grow your skills and confidence as a tutor. On each sheet, you’ll find specific tutoring tips, sample questions and exercises for students, and additional resources you can review to learn more. We’re always adding to our library of tip sheets, so check back for more sheets on additional topics!

Preserving Student Voice Tip Sheet
Tips for prioritizing student voice while giving feedback on writing.

STEM Writing Tip Sheet
Tips for using your humanities writing skills to help students with STEM writing assignments.

Math Tutoring Tip Sheet
Strategies on becoming a more confident and effective math tutor.

Reading Comprehension Tip Sheet
Tips for checking in on students’ reading comprehension while tutoring.

Poetry Tip Sheet
Suggestions for helping students read and write poetry.

Middle School Tip Sheet
Ideas for engaging students ages 10–14 in a tutoring setting.

Trauma-Informed Tutoring Tip Sheet
Strategies to support students who have experienced trauma.

Empathetic Strategies for Virtual Learning
Strategies to support students during virtual school and programming.

English Language Learners Tip Sheet
Tutoring strategies for working with English Language Learners. 

These supplemental trainings are 10–15 minute activities conducted during tutor pre-brief and debrief sessions. Like Tutor Tip Sheets, they are designed to help you build the skills and understanding necessary to grow as a tutor. Below, you’ll find the facilitator guides used to run each supplemental training session. This page is continually updated as new trainings are created, so check back for more!

Strengths-Based Language Training
An activity to help you nurture students’ strengths by transforming fixed-mindset language into growth-mindset language.

Math Tutor Training
Exercises to help you develop your “number sense” to better help students with math work.

Expanded Training Activities
Race, Gender, and Identity Training: Holding Space
A training to learn how to stand in solidarity with students, without judgment or control, while still keeping space for yourself.

Race, Gender, and Identity Training: Gender and Gender Biases
An activity designed to help create a shared language around gender and gender identity.

“I am from…

a place where the sun is blistering,

from a place where the rain will never stop.”

– Cryselle, 826 Boston Student