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It’s Not My Fault

By Sahra

The most exciting day of my life happened—I made Bigfoot come alive! It all started at 826 Boston when I was the last one there for the day. I started to walk home. When I passed the statue of Bigfoot, he came alive. When I heard him roar, I turned around and he was alive. I asked, “Did I do this?” Bigfoot nodded and stepped off his pedestal.

Bigfoot gave me a ride on his back. He was actually nice. He stepped on cars, which made people angry. When people came out and saw Bigfoot, they were mad and scared. Then, they saw a pitchfork booth and they all ran to it. I said, “Faster, Bigfoot, faster!” He was running as fast as he could.

I blew air out of my mouth and the people went to sleep. They stopped and laid down in the middle of the sidewalk, which gave us some time to escape. We ran into the forest to get away from the people. Then, the people chasing us found the place where we were hiding.

I said, “I thought I made you sleep!” “You thought wrong. Enough chitchat—let’s

get him,” said the people. I said, “Enough!” I climbed down Bigfoot

and said, “You don’t know how hard it is to live in a forest with nobody to take care of you. Have you ever thought about how Bigfoot feels?”

“That is sweet, but we are still mad at him,” the people said.

“Run, Bigfoot!” I yelled.

Bigfoot put me on his shoulders as fast as he could. Then, I wiped the people’s memories as fast as I could, which gave us a few minutes to get back to 826 Boston. I said “I’m gonna miss you.” Then I said, “Catchue, snatchue, make Bigfoot into a statue.”

The next day was back to normal. Or was it?

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