And Then My Teacher Bit Me!

A dragon that has six wings and sharp brown rocks all over his body lives in Vatican City in a cave. (Vatican City is in Italy.) The dragon came to Vatican City when his mom forgot him there.

He was still in his egg.

He is sleeping. The dragon is dreaming about being a human because humans are mortal. He wants to be a human because he wants to know how it feels. The dragon’s favorite food is sheep.

In his dream the sun has special powers. The sun hits the dragon’s back and turns him into a human. A nice, rich old man helps the dragon learn to act like a human. The dragon copies him. The old man helps him walk and talk.

The dragon makes friends with the old man and together they walk around Vatican City to try new foods. They try spaghetti. The dragon thinks the spaghetti is delicious and that it tastes better than sheep.

The dragon becomes the old man’s son, and nobody knows he is a dragon (except the old man, who knew the whole time).

The dragon never wakes up from his dream.

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And Then My Teacher Bit Me!

Book published by the students in 826 Boston's After-School Program, spring 2016. Choose from Book 1 and Book 2 (older students published in Book 2).

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