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Marcio, The Good Guy

By Marcio

Hi, my name is Marcio and I have a superhero team called Team Marvelous. There are four superheroes on the team. One of them is Super Jay, who can make fire; Justin, who can fly; Super Cristian, who has super strength; and lastly me, Marcio. I am Superman M. I have laser vision and I can fly. I am so strong I can carry one car and one building at the same time.

We all wear our regular clothing except me. I wear my costume, which is a black long-sleeve suit with a red Superman M logo on the chest.

We all meet at our special place called The Cave. The entrance to the cave is small and round but inside it’s bigger than everybody’s house. It’s light inside. There is a meeting table and a kitchen with a refrigerator with lots of salad. There are four capsules where we sleep standing up.

In The Cave we have a big digital clock that shines red light when there’s trouble. When the light shines red, I call for my team and we go out to get an old grandma from a fire. First, Super Jay calls the fire department so they can see us in action. Then I fly up to the apartment and blow down the fire. Justin flies Cristian up to the apartment. Cristian knocks down the doors and picks up the grandma. When he comes out, Justin flies them both down to the ground. We bring the grandma to the hospital. The doctor says she needs to stay in the hospital for the day, but she has a heart attack and dies. Her family puts her in the cemetery and men and women cry. I go without my costume. I wear a tuxedo to be respectful.

Then we all go back to The Cave and I call my sidekicks to come out of their capsules. We talk about the mission. We make a promise not to reveal the secret of The Cave. “Never ever tell anyone that you’re my sidekick, because if you do you are fired and you can never come back. If you tell anyone, then you are not going to be my sidekick and I can take your costume and you can never come to the cave again. Ever. Everyone is going to call you a loser. You are to sit on the floor and listen to music and eat chocolate.”

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