Good writing skills are critical for students’ academic and future success

When you contribute to 826 Boston, you join a community of people who care passionately about supporting the literacy and writing needs of more than 4,000 Boston Public School students. 826 Boston’s programs have been proven effective at improving students’ reading and writing skills and buoying their self-confidence. We also publish our students’ writing every year in professional publications, so you can see your dollars at work when you hold one of our books in your hand!

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If you have any questions about donating to 826 Boston, please contact Jenna Leschuk.

826 Boston’s Federal Tax ID number is 20-8065915.

826 Boston is a recognized publicly supported, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization under U.S. tax law. Gifts to 826 Boston are deductible to the maximum extent federal tax law allows. Cash gifts by check and wire are always welcome, but there are other ways, described below, to make a donation to 826 Boston. Some alternatives can provide particular tax and other advantages in individual circumstances, so be sure to consult with your tax advisors about how a gift you are considering may impact your particular tax situation.

Donations from Donor Advised Funds
826 Boston can receive donations from Donor Advised Funds (DAFs). Donors typically need the organization’s EIN number, which is 20-8065915

Gifts of Publicly Traded Stock, Bonds and Other Securities
Appreciated publicly traded securities can make an excellent gift. Gifts of securities that have been held long-term (more than one year) will generally result in a charitable tax deduction for their full fair market value, and donors will be spared the capital gains taxes on the appreciation of the assets over their original cost, otherwise due on sale.

If donors sell appreciated securities and give the proceeds to charity, they will owe the tax on the gain. A gift of the appreciated securities themselves is typically a much more tax-efficient approach. Your tax advisor may advise you on the benefits of such a gift relative to your income and individual circumstances. 826 Boston’s Fidelity account can accept stock transfers. Reach out to Development Director Jenna Leschuk to obtain the account number and DTC.

Gifts of IRA and Other Retirement Plan Assets
Federal law allows taxpayers age 70½ or older to transfer up to $100,000 annually from their IRA accounts directly to the 826 Boston without recognizing income. For 826 Boston donors who must take withdrawals from their IRAs, a direct IRA gift to the 826 Boston can result in the avoidance of the tax on up to $100,000 of IRA distributions with the entire distribution going to benefit 826 Boston.

Donors may also choose to make 826 Boston a beneficiary of their IRA or other retirement plan accounts, with proceeds payable on their deaths. Doing so will not only support 826 Boston but can also reduce income and estate taxes, making this type of gift very tax-efficient for 826 Boston and the donor’s family.

Gifts of Life Insurance
Donors may name 826 Boston as a beneficiary of their life insurance policies. Alternatively, donors who no longer need paid-up life insurance policies for their personal cash or estate planning purposes may transfer ownership to 826 Boston.

Gifts by Will or Trust
826 Boston can be named as a beneficiary under one’s will or living trust with the gift payable on death. Such gifts are deductible for estate tax purposes to the maximum extent allowed by applicable federal and state law. 826 Boston can supply language to be included in your estate planning instruments.

Transfer Instructions
Checks can be made payable to 826 Boston, Inc. and mailed to 3035 Washington St., Roxbury, MA 02119. 826 Boston’s EIN number is 20-8065915.

Alternatively, can supply you or your advisors with instructions for wires and the transfers of securities. 826 Boston has a brokerage account with Fidelity. Please email Jenna Leschuk to request that information.

To include 826 Boston in your estate plan, arrange a gift of life insurance or of IRA assets, please email Development Director Jenna Leschuk at call 617-390-5610.

Our 2022-2023 foundation supporters include:

Alice W. Dorr Foundation
The ALKU Foundation
Beker Foundation
Boston Red Sox Foundation
Brown Rudnick Charitable Foundation
Calderwood Writing Initiative
Carole Remick Charitable Foundation
City of Boston Youth Development Fund
Cummings Foundation
EdVestors Racial Equity Seed Fund
FAO Schwarz Fellowship Program
Find Your Light Foundation
Frank Reed & Margaret Peters Memorial Fund
Grantmakers for Girls of Color
Harbus Foundation
Jinny Chalmers Fund
Liberty Mutual Foundation
Llewellyn Foundation
Mass Cultural Council
National Endowment for the Humanities Chair’s grant
Ramsey McCluskey Family Foundation
Schrafft Charitable Trust
The Spark Foundation
Tiny Tiger Foundation
Wellesley Hills Junior Women’s Club

826 Boston projects are supported, in part, by a grant from the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

Download our 2021-2022 Annual Report for more information about our impact.