BOOM: An Ocean of Benjamins

I’m a 9th grader, basketball player
You gonna catch me
rappin’ like Rondo #9
Except nothing wrong
with my knee
I’m feeling fine
Like Jordan, looking so fly
Dunk the ball so hard
It’s like it got baptized

I’m gonna flash some shoes
Everyone looks like crab rangoons
Yeah, yeah, all the girls love me
All the way up to the moon

Pull up to school,
I be like, “Girl, hey”
“What?” I say,
“I got the new cutting Jades.”
Yeah, I’m a sneakerhead
People looking at me
like I got 43 heads, bang!
Balling like LeBron James
Looking fresh like 2 Chainz
I don’t have any chains
Maybe got 2 lanes
Get rid of all you lames
Got you screamin’ like you insane


Money, I have a lot
So I can buy things for my honey
Because my honey cute like an
Easter egg bunny
But she don’t hop around like you
because you funny
Come check out my shoes
I’ll show you some moves
Long range 3s making
Dunks like elephant trunks


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