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Unicorn: A Hero Story

By Joanne in Invincible!

Illustration by Stephany Morales.

A long time ago, there was a unicorn named Isabel. She lived in a forest with a lot of pink, green, and gold trees. She was white with a sparkly, rainbow mane. Isabel was a villain and she didn’t have any friends. She did bad things because she had no unicorn friends to play with at the park.

One day, Isabel met a rainbow person named Anona who looked like a unicorn and was a hero. She used to be a villain who pranked other unicorns, until another hero made Anona a hero, too. Now she made other unicorns stop pranking.

Anona saw Isabel trying to prank another unicorn by taking her phone and throwing it on the ground. Anona stopped Isabel and said, “What are you doing?”

Isabel smiled and said, “Nothing.” Anona stopped Isabel from breaking the unicorn’s phone. Anona asked Isabel to be her friend. Isabel said yes, and they became friends. Isabel stopped being a villain and became a hero.

The next day, they got their nails done; Isabel got pink and Anona got purple. Then they went to the movies, and after that they went to the circus. Isabel and Anona did everything together and saved the world from evil.

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