When I Open My Eyes It Will Not Be Dark

I am an ocean lover.
I hear…the waves.
I see that the sky and the ocean are very beautiful.
I want to throw myself into the ocean and swim very deeply.
I am an ocean lover

I pretend I am at the beach taking air and listening to the beautiful waves.
I feel the air on my face.
I touch the waves when I’m sad.
I worry about the ocean.
I cry when I see dead zones
I am an ocean lover

I understand people are trying to help the ocean but they have to try harder.
I say that I’m going to give my best.
I dream about the ocean in the future
I try to help the planet.
I hope I can do my best to help it.
I am an ocean lover

My Identity

I am Argenis and my gender is male. I am 15 years old. I was born in Boston but my ethnic culture is Dominican and Puerto Rican. I identify my race as hispanic/latinx and my religion is Catholic. My height is 6’1”. My sexual orientation is heterosexual.

I am an American citizen but I grew up in the Dominican Republic because my dad is Dominican. My mom is Puerto Rican but I have never been in Puerto Rico. I am bilingual in Spanish and English. I describe myself as a wonderful brother, open-minded, smart, a good communicator, a team player, respectful and helpful. Some of my important values are my family, my personality, the love my family and friends give me, and my job.

Let me talk more about my gender: People use the gender male to identify as a man. Or not only a man, how you feel about yourself you identify with your preferred gender. I express myself as a male, and to identify myself I have short hair and male clothes. My preferred pronouns are he/him. I express myself as Catholic because I feel that it brings me closer to God and the Roman Catholic Church.

I believe that life is sometimes hard in moments but sometimes we have to let things go. I know there are people going through a lot. I advise you that when you need to talk, talk to your closest loved ones to try to help them. If it does not work, look for or go to a place where they can help you. Even if you are being bullied or threatened you should never be quiet.

Historical Analysis

I am white, and this makes me an agent of oppression. White people have had more rights and privileges throughout American history than people of color. Racism in the criminal justice system is unfair. According to Newsela, “In the federal system, the race of the defendant affects sentencing outcomes, with minority defendants more likely to receive a death sentence than white defendants.” The Oxford English Dictionary defines minority as “a relatively small group of people, especially one commonly discriminated against in a community, society, or nation, differing from others in race, religion, language, or political persuasion.” This evidence shows that there is racism in court and that white people have more privileges than other races. This is unfair, because the color of one’s skin should not determine if one is guilty or not. People of all races or color should have the same rights and privileges in a fair trial.

In conclusion, I know I could be exactly who I am and not face any problem with the law. This is unfair. My identity is fluid because I can choose to defend victims of oppression and help people of other races so they could feel that they also have the privileges. If I can help victims of oppression, why can’t you?

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