Once upon a time there were five million puppies that all lived in a puppy city underground on Earth. In the puppy city, they had schools, houses – the same things that the human world had. If any of you puppies are reading this, you probably know what I’m talking about. There was a kitty clan nearby. The puppies had a king named Grand Dog, but the kitties had a master named Kitten Kitty. The puppies were really nice but the kitties were mean. They were trying to take all of the puppy’s good resources and technology, and destroy puppy history! They found themselves in a puppy and kitty war; the puppies had to put on their armor. Every animal believed dogs made history.

The Grand Dog died in the puppy/kitty war. So we had a puppy funeral – a puneral, if you will. So everyone wanted REVENGE on the kitties. The puppies sent them a peace treaty but they did not accept. The puppies planned on sneak attacking the kitties while they were out with their army. There were five million puppies up against 10 million kitties! It would take a miracle to beat them. So the puppies decided to blow up their castle. The puppies had a secret HQ (headquarters) underground. They set a timer of one minute; a countdown to when their castle would explode. When one minute passed, the castle blew up and some of the kitties didn’t make it to see the next day. So there were only three million kitties left. It took the puppies 20 hours to capture the remaining kitties. They turned them into reinforcements for their own army – so now the puppies had eight million troops!

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