Pitch Quiet: Tales of Traps and Escapes

I was going downstairs when I noticed the elevator was broken.

“Oh no,” I thought. “The elevator is not working!” I was stuck inside. The elevator is metal and the type is Keystone.

The first thing I did was press the alarm. I looked at the roof. BAM! I cracked it open with a metal opener. It came from my magic hat that helps me when I need help.

I got on top of the elevator. I screamed, “Ahh!” Suddenly the rope snapped because I was ten million pounds. “Ahh!” I was falling down!

My super mind said there were exactly 8.8 seconds until the elevator was at the bottom floor. Think fast! I thought. I grabbed the metal opener from my hat that I used to crack open the roof. I grabbed onto one of the huge, silver metal structures. I held it tight to make the elevator stop falling. Then it hit the bottom floor, but not as hard as it would have if I hadn’t held on tight. But still, I injured my leg in the fall.

A repair guy found me and rushed me to the hospital. He said, “Ugh, this happened again.”

Just as I got to the nearest hospital, I suddenly woke up!

It was all just a dream! I was still in bed!

For the rest of my life I was traumatized by elevators and never went in one ever again…until my legs started to hurt!!!

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Pitch Quiet: Tales of Traps and Escapes

Stories of traps and escapes written by after-school students.

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