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Boom! Everything’s Falling Out of the Sky

By Heather in When the Lights Go Out

When the Lights Go Out
Illustration by Sebastian Sierra.

BOOM!! Whipped cream!!! Flying from the sky in a box. Boom! Headphones coming out of the sky, why?! They are magical things. BOOM!! A Nintendo Switch and a Bluetooth Splash speaker, falling out of the sky.


Why is a Nintendo Switch flying out of the sky, why?!

BOOM!! Coffee, with one thousand million dollars, and pumpkins, flying out of the sky. Things are falling out of the sky and The Jackson 5’s “ABC” is playing.

Karen is flying in the air in a robot, eating apple food, and making her fortune. She likes to bring a lot of vegetables to eat in her robot, and she brings Jing with her.

Karen and Jing are from 826 Boston. They are dropping things out of the sky in their flying robot. They want everyone to have food and be able to play games. There is a huge box that everything falls into. I take the whipped cream, headphones, Bluetooth Splash speaker, Nintendo Switch, coffee, and a thousand million dollars. I am rich, rich, rich with my family!

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When the Lights Go Out

Original spooky/scary stories, poems, comics, and plays written by the students of 826 Boston’s Egleston Square After-School Writing and Tutoring program. Fall 2019. Volume 1 is targeted for younger readers (grades 1-5), and Volume 2 towards older readers (grade 6 and up).

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