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Flipflam Took My Dipdam Dinner

By Dhorien in And Then My Teacher Bit Me!

And Then My Teacher Bit Me! Photo by Gretjen Helene Photography

I once had a dream about Flipflam Man. Flipflam Man is a straight-up ugly man from Flipflam Land. Flipflam Man has the power to shoot out food. Flipflam Land is like Earth and it’s always upside down. Flipflam people are so light that they float on the water. Flipflam people speak a slightly different language.

The Flipflam Man’s eyebrows go down to the Earth’s core. He’s one hundred feet tall, which means his dinner has to be one hundred feet tall, too.

Flipflam Man stole my famous pancakes because he’s a robber. He sneaks into peoples’ dreams like my bro sneaks around history. My favorite pancakes are made out of Flipflam scorpions, Margaret’s Jamaican chicken sauce, my famous chicken broth, and Margaret’s phantom sauce. Since Flipflam Man stole my dinner, now I have to win it back. I’ve got it! I will give him a bad test and bring back Mental Man to fight for my dinner.

Mental Man has mental powers. He’s a superhero who is half robot, half man, and half ninja turtle. Mental Man has the power of the hour because all of the green in his body became turtle power, transforming him into a ninja turtle.

When Mental Man returned to Flipflam Land, he opened up a dimensional portal. When the portal opened, water began to flow through it into Flipflam Land. Mental Man held the portal open and noticed Flipflam Man, so he flew up into the sky to get away from Flipflam Man and to avoid the flood. Flipflam Man and Mental Man fought in the sky until Flipflam Man defeated him. After Mental Man’s victory, he realized that Flipflam Man was a clone.

After the fight, I went back to my house and I saw a pyramid. I ran inside and saw a real chicken dinner. The pancake dinner was a clone dinner. Flipflam Man stole this dinner, too, so I shocked him with my shock gun. I ran through the pyramid to find my chicken dinner, until I saw Mental Man and my brother eating it.

I woke up out of my dream at 12:00 AM because my brother was jumping on my belly. “April Fools, you Flipflam fool!” he said.

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