Backflip through the Lasers

Agent Sneaky works for the USA and he works for the Russians, so he’s a double agent. He likes the Russians better, because they give him whatever he asks for, like new spy gear. The Russians want to take Barack Obama’s money, even though they are already rich, so they ask Agent Sneaky to do it.

Agent Sneaky acts like he is one of the good guys, on the good guys’ side in the US government, but he’s really on the Russians’ side. One day, Barack Obama asked Agent Sneaky, “What are the Russians up to?” Agent Sneaky said, “I don’t know, they’re the Russians. They’re big old idiots!” He said this to throw Barack Obama off the track.

Agent Sneaky has an eagle made of fire that he is keeping secret from Barack Obama and the Russians. The Fire Eagle lives in an underground house, bigger than the White House. Agent Sneaky feeds him rotten fish with Pop Rocks, so he can have energy and so he can be on fire. Whenever Agent Sneaky wants him, he whistles firecrackers into the air and the eagle comes from the underground cave that he lives in. Sometimes the eagle transforms and pretends he is a car in front of the Russians and Barack Obama when he pulls up in front of the White House.

And everyone asks, “How did you get here so fast?”

Agent Sneaky says, “I got my super Batman Car.”

Agent Sneaky’s nemesis is Old Man Eagle, who likes to hurt people. Old Man Eagle is two animals put together: a lion and an eagle with sharp claws. Old Man Eagle wants to hurt the Fire Eagle, Agent Sneaky, and even Barack Obama. But Agent Sneaky says, “Nobody is touching my eagle, and nobody is touching Barack.” Agent Sneaky wants Obama to be safe so he can get money and spy gear.

The Russians were planning an ambush, and they all came to Barack Obama’s house. There was a SWAT team there, and everyone was ready to attack. The Russians had candy-shooters, but they were hit by balls flying from tanks before they could do anything. There were only two Russians left, but Agent Sneaky was sneaky and vanquished Obama’s friends quickly. The Russians went to get Obama while Agent Sneaky was in a tree, and then he jumped down and ambushed them too.

Obama’s guards got all the weapons and took them to Barack Obama’s house. Obama said, “That’s what the Russians are up to!” Then he called Agent Sneaky to help him, but Old Man Eagle came down from the sky and told everyone that Agent Sneaky was on both sides, so the Russians and Obama made friends to get Agent Sneaky. Just before they could get him, his Fire Eagle came down and saved him.

The Russians and Americans tried to attack Agent Sneaky in the night. They shouldn’t have, because he was sneaky. He picked up all 100 of the guards and threw them.

Agent Sneaky went to Old Man Eagle’s house in the clouds, but no one was home! Old Man Eagle tried to get his revenge by finding Agent Sneaky’s wife, but Agent Sneaky called for the Fire Eagle, who rescued her just in time. Then Agent Sneaky captured Old Man Eagle and threw him in prison.

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