We Turned Back to See Where We Came From
Photo by Shakayla.

I am from the foggy and drizzly village of devotion,

among captivating Venus Flytraps.

I am from the little country called Trinidad

where my grandma cooks callaloo, rice, stew fish, and coo coo.

I am from an endless ocean of a spiritual promised land,

from my great grandmother Malafy’s uncontrollable constitution.

I am from the powerful and strong, the carnal and spiritual.

I am from my wisdom, knowledge, and understanding.

I learned that tomorrow is never promised, but the word of God can be.

I am from the Ark of the Covenant Spiritual Baptist Church

where the Christians are artificial. Many pretend to be something they are not.

I am from a place where the sun is blistering,

from a place where the rain will never stop.

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We Turned Back to See Where We Came From

Snapshots, vignettes, and stories by the students of Greater Egleston High School.

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