How We May Appear

i felt as if i had been choked out

as if there were rocks in my stomach

as if i had a lump in my throat

when i saw the tweets

calling my people utterly disgusting for loving the same gender

saying that non-binary people are just indecisive

calling transgender people repulsive

we are hated

but keep in mind young queers you are also loved in many peoples’ hearts

there will always be someone somewhere thinking of you

they think throwing you out of the only home you have ever known will help you

saying things like “pray the gay away” or “it’s just a phase” will help you

sending you off to a scary unknown place will help you

but it won’t

and for the people who are fortunate like me to live in a supportive household

remember that we don’t live in a dream

there are people just like you suffering

if we lived in a perfect world we wouldn’t be hated

everyone would love us

we could walk down the street holding hands with whoever we wanted

and no one would care

but we don’t live in a perfect world

and for that

we are Hated

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How We May Appear

“826 Boston’s anthology would make [Phillis Wheatley] proud, as young writers of a beautiful range of colors and backgrounds lift their pens like swords to take up the task of self-discovery.”           —Amanda Gorman, poet and author of the book’s foreword In How We May Appear—the first book from 826 Boston’s Youth Literary Advisory Board (YLAB)—readers will discover more than 30 poems, essays, and narratives on self-identity from students all across Boston.

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