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How to Be a Superhero

By Nagwa in Invincible!

Illustration by Tahni Pierzga.

First Steps

Step 1: Create a superhero name.

Think of your favorite food, something you like to do, your favorite animal, a cool weapon, or an accessory. Then add “The” to the beginning and/or “man/woman” to the end. Some examples are: The Dog, The Eleman, or The Horsedale.

Step 2: Choose a color for your theme (outfit).

Either choose one color or many, whatever is to your liking.

Step 3: Choose a special power.

If you chose an animal in Step 1, your power could be something that animal does. For example, if you chose The Eleman, maybe your power is blowing people into the air with your trunk so they fly across the room.

Second Steps

Once you master the first steps, move on to these steps.

Step 4: Choose your accessories.

A mask, a cape, a ring—actually, no capes! If you’re running, you could trip on it and bust your head. Save the cape for posing heroically in the wind only.

Step 5: Choose your weapon.

Think of something special to you, maybe something related to a childhood memory. A weapon should be hard or sharp or dangerous. Your weapon should be a secret. Your weapon shouldn’t be noticeable and should blend in with your regular look—it could look like a hand (like Killmonger in Black Panther). You will also need a secret lair to store your weapon.

Step 6: Pick someone to be your sidekick.

Your sidekick should be someone you already know. Some qualities that make a good sidekick: also having a power or something special about them and sometimes being goofy but also being serious when they are fighting.

Third Steps

Finish the second steps before going on to these (the hardest steps).

Step 7: Find an archnemesis (supervillain).

Supervillains like carnivals, so that’s where you should start your search. Since clowns work at carnivals, a clown might be a perfect villain. The clown might have a weird/funny wig, big baggy clothes or a suit, and the iconic big red nose. Do not confuse them with a regular clown that has regular clothes and a big blue nose instead of a red nose. When you find your supervillain, continue with the next steps.

Step 8: Fight the supervillain.

This might be the hardest step, so make sure you’ve finished all of the other steps first: Just fight!

For example: If the clown tries to kick you in the face, you can use your super strength to grab his leg and twist it. Or, if he tries to spill sticky goop on you, you can use your power of invisibility to escape. Be smart and just fight!

Step 9: Bring the supervillain to justice.

Finally, use a big rat trap to get your villain. Either give them to the police or lock the villain up in your secret lair. The police will bring them to court. If they are guilty, the police will lock them up in jail. Now you are a hero!


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