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Peter, Who Went on the Best Adventure Ever

By Basil

There is a hole in the trunk of a tree. Whenever you want to go somewhere long, long ago or far, far away from your home, you look for a sparkle in the hole in that tree, you climb in, and you’re at the place you want to be.

Once, a boy named Peter had to sell his stuff because his family was very poor. One time, he sold his special toy—a plastic spaceship with little figures—because he thought he’d get a lot of money for it. But instead, someone gave him a seed for it. The seed turned out to be a magic seed.

Peter looked out his window and heard a bunch of zappy noises coming out of the ground. His house shook, and then a palm tree with a hole in it and sunflowers at the top appeared! A while later, Peter thought of going to a forest from long ago with different animals that were now extinct.

The next day, he saw a sparkle in the tree’s hole and went to take a closer, tiny look, but instead he fell down into the hole. How much time had passed in the real world? After a short time, he appeared where he wanted to be; he was back in the days of dinosaurs. He saw a giant, flying creature that landed right in front of him. It was a pteranodon. A pteranodon was a giant creature that had a long beak, and it usually flew around near Tyrannosaurus rexes.

All of a sudden, Peter heard the ground shaking and he realized that this was where the sunflower palm tree had ruined his yard. Then, he saw a Tyrannosaurus rex! He ran for his life. Tyrannosaurus rexes had teeth as big as bananas.

Then, Peter found a cave that belonged to a spinosaurus. From far away, Peter could see a sparkle in the hole of the sunflower palm tree. The pteranodon came back, picked Peter up, and flew away. The pteranodon didn’t know what he was doing, but he flew over the T. rex and right into the sunflower palm tree. Peter climbed right into the hole and went back home, where he lived happily ever after.

He never forgot about the sunflower palm tree that took him back long, long ago and far, far away. He always hoped that it would take him on another amazing adventure!

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