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People make decisions everyday

without thinking of what happened yesterday.

Decisions are for change.

We make mistakes to learn.

To grow or perish,

having more wisdom about life or being foolish.

Changes are made for correction,

making a change to have connection.

Change is living on,

change is life.

Make a change to change your life.

Socially, economically, politically,

change is needed.

Right from the days of Abraham Lincoln,

changes were made to our society:

“I Have A Dream,” Martin Luther King.

I have a special dream.

Don’t gamble, just make a decision.

A decision to have a better future.

Change is needed.

To y’all who have crimes as your bed:

y’all need to change.

Change can be evil sometimes,

but only you can make the decision.

The decision to be good or bad,

honest or manipulative.

Know yourself, and make your own decision.

Call your inner self, and shine like a sun,

bright and colorful as an aurora.

That is how bright your future is,

only if you make a change.

Take that step today

and be amazed.

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