All This Ticking: Book One

Hello, my name is Gabriela. I have tan skin, I’m very fashionable, and I am funny. Lastly, I am from Cambridge. Once, I was walking in my backyard, and then. . . a flash came! A tornado came and took me to the mountains.

In the mountains, I saw a time machine. It was an oval with blue and pink color, and it was big. I opened the door. There was a monster inside. The cute monster looked like the devil.

The monster said, “Could I be your pet?”

I said, “Yes.” I named my monster “Alex.”

Then I pressed the button of the time machine so I could go to the time of Christopher Columbus. The time machine zapped us to the time of Christopher Columbus.

Alex asked, “Where are we?”

I said, “The time of Christopher Columbus: 1492. We are going to change history so that Christopher can be a good man, not a bad man.”

“Let’s go to Spain,” said Alex, “because that is where we will find him.”

In Spain, we found Christopher Columbus right before he set sail.

“Calm down,” said Alex. “Do not fight the Tainos when you reach the new land — pleaseeeee!”

Christopher said, “Noooooo!”

“Don’t hurt the Tainos. Is this how you get land? No! You become friends with them.”

“OK,” said Christopher Columbus. “Let’s have peace!”

Alex turned to me. “No, not a single song!” said Alex. “We have to go.” (While we were walking toward Christopher Columbus and earlier, in the time machine I had been singing “Why Can’t We Be Friends.”)

“Bye,” Alex and I said.

“Bye,” said Columbus.

I’m glad we changed history! That’s the amazing adventure I had.


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All This Ticking: Book One

A Public Service announcement from the 826 Boston Student Editorial Board. Warning: This book contains EXTREMELY high levels of awesomeness. Reading this book may cause time skipping or spontaneous time travel. You may experience unexpected premature wrinkling or new baby smell. This book may contain points for portals to distant lands and time. 826 Boston and its authors are not liable for any Columbus-related injuries, Roman jeering, or unfortunate 80s fashion choices you may encounter as a result of unauthorized use of these coordinates. This book may inspire especially strong desires to cure the ills and injustices of the past, present, or future. Proceed with caution and our full support. This book may make you too happy. If so, seek your doctor ASAP (because she should read it, too).

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