We Turned Back to See Where We Came From

Oh, skyscraper! as I gaze at you, I can’t say I admire your foundation.

Your steel has a false strength.

Your glassy exterior is astounding to the naked eye. I turn to the other side

& oh, city projects!

Your asphalt is stained, filthy.


Your inhabitants are always trying

to climb the established barrier.

Constantly foolish,


never achieving,

rarely succeeding.

Though your bricks are strong,

your demise is inevitable.

I don’t admire either of you,


nor am I judging either side.

I am acknowledging your existence.


I’m caught in between, wishing there was an escape. I wonder, Where is the door?


I try to walk past you but I constantly catch you from the corner of my eyes,

like a rude awakening.


Oh, skies!

Sculpted out of the Lord’s fingertips, constantly looking down, you hold mysteries.

Your Creator is my guide.

Lead me to where you’re going, oh Creator! You never had a beginning, will never have an end.

Will I ever know your thoughts?

As of now,

my exit is you.


Photo by Rahiym.

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We Turned Back to See Where We Came From

Snapshots, vignettes, and stories by the students of Greater Egleston High School.

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