Backflip through the Lasers

The Staff Group is a group of evil spies that lived in a hotel in Las Vegas. They are evil because they made the Titanic sink! They destroyed buildings and boats and stole millions of dollars because their boss would pay them $1,000,000 for each $100 that they stole.

Three days ago, they planned to destroy the famous boat, the Titanic. Two security guards saw them try to steal and flood the Titanic while the boat was crossing the Atlantic Ocean. The security guards tried to arrest them, but they put a bomb in the Titanic’s fan. The security guys ran because the boat was flooding. Everyone was screaming and running up the Titanic because it was facing straight up. They got into another boat, and the security guys tried to get the robbers and their boats. The robbers got another bomb from one of their book bags and threw it in the water, but it bounced onto the Titanic and blew it up completely. Three million people lost their lives and six million lived.

The robbers were sent to prison for three million years. Then the judge said that three million years were not enough years, so he added twelve more years to the prison sentence for destroying so many lives.

The Staff Group escaped two days after they went to jail. As they escaped, they stole police Halloween costumes and used the uniforms to look like police officers. They tried to steal more money, but then a cop caught them and took them to prison. They never left because this jail was so hard to escape from.

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