There are better opportunities here but home is home
There is nothing like home
Home is where you feel comfortable,
Where you feel welcomed,
Where you can be yourself,
My home is Nigeria.

Born and raised in Nigeria,
I moved here three years ago
And that was also the last time
I saw my mom as COVID-19 got worse.

I was enjoying my all-girls boarding school lifestyle
But corruption covered my homeland’s eyes
So, good education and income wouldn’t last long
Even though they think we are developing.

A single mom wanted the best for her two precious gems
Which made her move them
To a more expensive treasure box to dwell in
My sister and I moved to the U.S.
Far away from home, for greater opportunities
And as of now, I am still coping with the migration.

My first night here, I thought –
Am I really staying here?
Staying, living here,
Going to school here,
Building my future here.

In the U.S, I want it to be like home,
I want to feel comfortable,
I want to be happy, not just because
I meet other people’s expectations but because
I exceed my own.

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