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AmeriCorps Cohort 2023-2024

826 Boston’s 2023-2024 AmeriCorps service members.


The Writers’ Room Fellowship is a service program. As an AmeriCorps member, you will build upon your personal strengths and develop transferable skills, such as teamwork, leadership, decision-making, project management, and relationship development. You will develop your knowledge of school and community partnerships, cross-sector collaboration, and the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit organization. 826 Boston provides AmeriCorps members with formal onboarding, ongoing training throughout the year, and individualized coaching from a direct supervisor.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

826 Boston provides reasonable accommodations for candidates with disabilities at every stage of the application process. Disclosing a disability or requesting a need for accommodations is a separate process from admissions and will have absolutely no bearing on a candidate’s application status. 826 Boston will make every effort to meet your request, but specific requests are not guaranteed. If you need to request an accommodation, please contact Catherine Gomez at

  • 2024-2025 positions:

    Compensation & Benefits

    • 826 Boston offers AmeriCorps members a compensation package of $31,200:
      • $29,000 awarded bi-weekly for service between August 15, 2024 and July 31, 2025
      • $1,200 awarded monthly via $100/month travel stipend
      • $1,000 retention bonus for completing 1,700 hours by July 25th, 2025

    Service members are also eligible for additional compensation for committee work that advances the organization’s mission.

    In addition, 826 Boston offers a comprehensive benefits plan including:

    • Professional Development: As an AmeriCorps Service Member, you will build upon your strengths and develop transferable skills, such as teamwork, leadership, decision-making, project management and relationship development. Further, you will develop your knowledge of public school systems, school and community partnerships, and the day-to-day operations of a nonprofit organization. 826 Boston provides AmeriCorps Members with formal onboarding in the summer, ongoing training throughout the year, and individualized coaching from a direct supervisor.
    • Education Award: As an AmeriCorps Service Member, you will qualify for an Eli Segal Education Award for every successful year of service, which includes completing 1,700 hours of service. The education award can be used to repay student loans or cover tuition costs for graduate studies at an accredited college or university and will amount to at least $7,395.00.
    • Medical Coverage: AmeriCorps members have the opportunity to apply for the Corps Network Health Plan but may decline it in favor of alternative coverage obtained through a parent, guardian, or spouse
    • Time Off: 40 hours time off + 9 holidays + 2 week winter break
    • Store Discount: Service members can purchase merchandise from the Greater Boston Bigfoot Research Institute, 826 Boston’s retail home, for 30% off listed prices.
    • Loan forbearance: AmeriCorps Members may be eligible for loan forbearance for public student loans and interest accrual payments for loans in forbearance during your service
    • Member Assistance Program (MAP): Free of charge to the AmeriCorps member (826 Boston covers the cost), MAP provides accessible and quality mental health services via resources and access to counseling.  


826 Boston partners with six different Boston Public Schools to provide a dedicated classroom to catalyze a culture of creativity and writing for the entire school. Over a school year, each Writers’ Room will serve every student in the school through whole-class visits, individual writing assistance, and/or after-school extracurricular activities. Below are descriptions of each Writers’ Room where you could serve as an AmeriCorps Writers’ Room Fellow.

High Schools

Boston International Newcomers Academy (BINcA)
Address: 100 Maxwell St, Boston, MA 02124
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish, Haitian Creole, French, Cape Verdean Creole, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Somali, Bengali, Arabic, and Amharic

BINcA is a high school specifically designed to serve a diverse student body of English Learners. Our ideal candidate would have experience working with English Language Learners.

John D. O’Bryant School of Mathematics & Science (O’Bryant)
Address: 55 Malcolm X Blvd Roxbury, MA 02120
Languages Spoken: English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Cape Verdean Creole, Somali, Arabic

826 Boston’s very first Writers’ Room opened at the John D. O’Bryant—one of three Boston exam schools—located a few blocks from Roxbury Crossing. While many students have strengths in STEM subjects, there are plenty of creative writers here.  We provide support to students on a wide range of writing projects from history research papers to biology lab reports to college essays. We also have a range of exciting clubs after school such as Rubix Literary magazine (a bi-annual student publication) and an award-winning slam poetry team. We’re seeking candidates who have a love of writing and of teens. We also encourage applicants who have the desire to lead student publications and clubs, alongside creating exciting new experiences for students.

Jeremiah E. Burke High School (Burke)
Address: 60 Washington Street, Dorchester, MA 02121
Languages Spoken: English, Cape Verdean Creole, Spanish, Haitian Creole, Portuguese

The Jeremiah E. Burke High School is the only Massachusetts high school to exit turnaround status. To see such improvements, the Burke strongly believes in focusing to provide educational experiences that support the whole child. The community at the Burke is both strong and family-oriented. What makes the Burke special is its partners—we as a Writers’ Room are one of several different partners within the school. The school takes a trauma-sensitive approach, which is representative of one of the school’s core values: perseverance. The faculty/staff at the Burke works relentlessly to help students grow not only academically, but social-emotionally. We’re seeking candidates who are determined and have strong communication skills. Experience with trauma-informed practices and previous experience working in education is preferred, but not required.

Schools served by the In-Schools Program Specialist

Margarita Muñiz Academy (MMA) 
Address: 20 Child Street. Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
Languages Spoken: English, Spanish

Margarita Muñiz Academy is a high school dedicated to full cultural and linguistic fluency in Spanish and English for all students. Through deep partnerships with families and community, they prepare students for higher education, careers, and civic leadership.

New Mission High School (NM)
Address: 655 Metropolitan Ave. Hyde Park, MA 02136
Languages Spoken: Arabic, Cape Verdean, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Somali, Vietnamese, Haitian Kreyol

New Mission High School is a high school that empowers all students to become self-directed, lifelong learners who do well in the world and do well for the world. In their inclusive, portfolio-based school, students develop their passion, commitment to learning, habits of mind, and essential skills. Their students will become college graduates who work to create positive change and a more democratic and just society.


If you are interested in the 826 Boston AmeriCorps Writers’ Room Fellowship Program, please contact Catherine Gomez.

826 Boston hires a group of enthusiastic, dedicated, and versatile interns for the fall, spring, and summer semesters. Interns will work individually and collectively with each other, our staff and service members, and a large group of volunteers. This is an opportunity to design, write, or teach in a professional environment, work with youth, get experience in creative arts education, learn about the day-to-day operations of a small non-profit, and join the network of national 826 chapters, while building job skills, advancing your resume, and acquiring excellent references.

826 Boston internships may be eligible for Federal-Work Study. Interns not otherwise receiving compensation will be eligible for a stipend ranging from $580-$1,000 after completing their internship.

826 Boston has resumed in-person programming. Interns should be prepared to work all or part of their hours at 826 Boston’s physical location(s) unless otherwise specified.

Applications for Summer 2024 internships are now closed. Fall 2024 internship positions will be posted sometime in June.

“826 Boston gave me the opportunity to raise my voice, and taught me that my story matters.”

-Carla, a Boston International Newcomers Academy Writers’ Room alumna