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Los Tres Golpes: Dominican Breakfast

By Angel

Time: 60 minutes

Servings: 2

In Baní, the Dominican Republic, Los Tres Golpes is plátano, salami, eggs, and cheese. Most people make this food for breakfast. In my family, we make this food when we wake up sometimes on the weekend. This food looks nutritious enough. This food tasted great: like in my case every time I eat this I feel like I’m in my country. This food always makes me think about my life when I was in the Dominican Republic. A memory that I have that is very special is when I moved here to Boston, I missed this food and tried it here in Boston and it was not the same as how they did it in my country. After a year I decided to go to my country and the first food that I found when I arrived at my mom’s house was this food Los Tres Golpes. This food makes me feel connected to my mother because she knows that I love this food for breakfast. My family’s recipe is unique because many people use the same water they boiled plantains in to mash them. When you try this recipe, you will feel good that you are trying a different culture’s food. This food is delicious, it looks great and is nutritious


  1. 4 green plantains peeled and diced in half
  2. 2-3 tbsp butter
  3. 1 onion cut in rings
  4. ¼ cup white Vinegar
  5. Vegetable oil
  6. Salt
  7. 3 pieces of salami
  8. 2 eggs 2 cheese

Tools & Utensils

  1. Knife
  2. Skillet
  3. Fork
  4. Pot
  5. SmasherBow


  1. Cut onions into rings then add vinegar and a little bit of salt.
  2. Peel plantains and cut in half.
  3. In a large pot over medium high heat, add plantain and put one tablespoon of salt.
  4. Allow plantains to come to a boil.
  5. Remove plantains once they are soft.
  6. While the plantains are boiling, sauté onions, salt, and vinegar.
  7. Once the plantains are ready, add butter, cold water and begin to mash.
  8. Mash until plantains are smooth.
  9. Take the pan and put oil and let it heat for at least 3 minutes and then fry the eggs, salami, and cheese. You can fry first the eggs, salami and the cheese.
  10. In the end put the salami, eggs, and cheese on top of the mangú and add onions and sauce over top.
  11. Enjoy!
This piece is from the publication The Native People Know What I’m Talking About, written by twenty-one students in the eleventh grade at Boston International Newcomers Academy (BINcA).

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