We Turned Back to See Where We Came From
Photo by Shonda.

She’s the one who prepares the soul food when I’m hungry.

She’s the one who gives me medicine when my stomach aches.

She’s the one who turns my fiery-eyed frown into a bright, beaming smile.

She’s the one who wipes thick, watery tears away from my sad eyes.

She’s the one who whacks the strict branch on my little behind when I fail to mind her.

She’s the one who helps me to be joyful.

She’s the one who shows me that when the darkness comes, things will always get better.

She’s my struggle.

She’s my heart.

She’s my passion.

She’s the one who reminds me to read my Bible when my mind is all over the place.

She’s the one who lets me struggle and learn from my mistakes.

She makes me realize that love is always going to be here.

My grandmother’s the rock that keeps this family together. She’s the golden smile when I glow.

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We Turned Back to See Where We Came From

Snapshots, vignettes, and stories by the students of Greater Egleston High School.

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