How We May Appear


a blooming generation of a beautiful culture

With a little Sazon!

We bring Bachata and delicious Arroz con Habichuela

We bring endless love for everyone, Good or Bad.

Latino comes in a rainbow

Of melanin,

It doesn’t make a difference in our Culture.

Being Latino in the US, we are judged

On how we may speak or

on how we may appear.

But that doesn’t keep us from being proud of who we are.

We are Latino.

Our People bring amazing friendships

And our music will make you move your hips.

The language we speak

is very unique.

Now don’t forget us, we are people too.

Not just any people


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How We May Appear

“826 Boston’s anthology would make [Phillis Wheatley] proud, as young writers of a beautiful range of colors and backgrounds lift their pens like swords to take up the task of self-discovery.”           —Amanda Gorman, poet and author of the book’s foreword In How We May Appear—the first book from 826 Boston’s Youth Literary Advisory Board (YLAB)—readers will discover more than 30 poems, essays, and narratives on self-identity from students all across Boston.

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