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My Reflection, Before and After

By LaJanae in My Reflection, Before and After

My Reflection, Before and After


Close, lost, unwanted, abused

Angry, sad, stuck where I came from. I’m from this

Government system, known as D.C.F.

The way I see it, D.C.F. is not a place for kids who are trying to grow up into something successful.

The D.C.F. system is a seesaw for kids

For some, it’s bad all around

For some, it’s bad, but when they feel like giving up, they see a spark of light

For some, it’s good all around

Me, oh, me

I believe I was in Hell with the devil dancing around me, laughing.

But I was tired of letting people dance around me, like the devil

Oh, like sweet on honey, I rise.



Beautiful, amazing, worth something, successful

Even though I hated all of the abuse as a child growing up, going from house to house,

I realize now that I can overcome anything and nothing can hold me back.

I have faith in myself and…guess what:

Now, I dance around the devil.

Now, I can say I made it out of the cold, dark place you call Hell.

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